Friday, April 04, 2008

Going back in time...

...and not in a good way. I got quite an unpleasant surprise today when I looked up Yamamori Sushi on the interweb for their phone number and discovered they now have a website but unfortunately, only one that could have been imagined by someone who hasn't been online since 1995.

I normally bang on about web standards and coding practices when it comes to finding fault with a website but this is just plain ugly. Fugly even. And for about 10 seconds it made me re-consider my regard for the restaurant, as crazy as that might sound. When are people (particularly business owners) going to realise that your website is more often than not your first point of contact between you and your client/potential client?

Another favourite eatery of mine is Saba. Now in my opinion, the service, food and prices are great but it's certainly not food to blow your mind. It's virtually impossible to get a booking for at least 2 weeks in advance and I've been completely confused as to why demand is so high. Today I wonder their sexy website a contributing factor?

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