Monday, April 14, 2008

Save the world or save your breath?

Yet another government backed anti-climate change campaign has been lauched, this one called 'Change', with the tag-line "Change your world, change the world". For a start it doesn't really roll off the tongue. Secondly, I must have seen the ad on TV about 20 times over the past week before I bothered to look up the website they spoke of.

And I discovered that some things don't change when I did. Yet another website with money pumped into it by me, you, Joe and Ann Soap and what we get is another "almost good" offering. Bugs in the Flash piece, on the 'Impacts' map, layout issues in IE6, not mentioning being boring. Text text text doesn't make me want to stay for long.

Power of One is still going it seems, and despite some dodgy points being boasted here also, at least it draws you in and had me interested enough to play with their interactive energy consumption gimmick [no longer live] and order their pack of stickers which I annoyed the bejaysus out of my housemates with by putting them all around the house.

I'm all for the environment and the anti-climate-changing thing [if we're totally to blame and it's not a natural thing it wants to go through] but I am starting to get rather cynical with the whole thing. Is it just a chance to make a quick bob? &

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