Monday, June 09, 2008

iPhone 3G - not just for Christmas?

Steve Jobs finally announced the launch of the 2nd generation of iPhone, iPhone 3G a few hours ago. Enhancements on the original version seem to be:

  • 3G connectivity (with an option of running on 2G)
  • Improved battery life
  • Flush headphone jack that will take generic headphones
  • GPS
  • Shipping to more countries
  • Dramatic price-cut
Short-comings still exist such as a mean little 2-megapixel camera, un-removable battery & the prospect of being tied into specific tarriffs on specific mobile operators. I'd love to get my mits on one of these and might even go so far as to treat myself to one before long so long as I don't have to sign my life away to O2 on a ridiculous contract. It's encouraging to see Apple have responded with the price-cut of the handset itself - around 56% of people who don't have an iPhone said the reason they've passed it up is down to price alone.

The site has the wonderful tagline "Twice the speed, half the price" splashed across the homepage - I'll believe it when I see it happen this side of the atlantic :)

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