Sunday, August 24, 2008

One-footed Steph

Damaged ligaments = drugs and crutches for 2 weeks. Finding i am rubbish on crutches, so bad its almost funny.

Thankfully i never had the need for them before, its such a nightmare. Worse still, if it was some kind of break or fracture id possibly have the option of the walking boot [yes Andrea, almost had another cheese boot experience :)] but no, hoppy go lucky is the name of the game for this injury.

Whoever decided we need 2 legs and feet was very clever.


flynnduism said...

ouch! poor steph, how'd you do that? was friday drinking involved? :)

you're taking after your sister!

A said...

My cheese boot is currently in France - in the time since I left Ireland on 19th May, it has been used by usa and french guy, very useful object! broken and damaged feet are cute and popular (nevertheless you can appreciate how it was for me!) all my love and hugs, take it easy and demand sympathy off everyone! get well soon! Miguel wishes you a good recovery!

Steph said...

If only I could use the cheese boot. It's a B*tch not being able to put weight on it, certainly motivating me to get fit though!