Sunday, September 28, 2008

Plum Crumble

A little juicy but still yummy. The how to:
225ml of water with 3oz caster sugar, half a cinammon stick and a clove, dash of 5 Spice, bring it to a simmer till the water is clear and then remove your clove and cinammon. Pop 8ish plums halved and whatever other bits you fancy in to simmer, dash of booze if you fancy it (red wine, brandy, sherry, be adventurous not over generous). Let it bubble away for about 5 mins, you want the fruit to keep its shape.

Crumble - 8oz plain flour, 4oz cold butter, some sugar and a tiny dash of salt into a bowl. Rub it all together till it's like breadcrumbs. Spoon out the fruity goodness into an oven dish, leaving behind some of the juice if there's a lot. Spoon on the crumble and into a hot oven (220) for about 15mins. Leave to sit for a little while before wolfing :)

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