Monday, September 15, 2008

Top 10 things I missed on crutches

I'm delighted to say that I'm finally without crutches. Still some work to do with my physio but we're back in action. I've been mulling over this list for the past 3 weeks and more, here's the final one:

Top 10 things that are difficult (if not impossible) to do on crutches:

1. Carry things (that includes coffee, food, books, laptop, laundry, rubbish...)
2. Driving (I'm only still at the lessons stage but it still pissed me off)
3. Taking a shower (hello bath tub)
4. Travelling on Dublin Bus (if it's not running to get to it, it's the driver going shoe to the floor while you try to make it to a seat in front of a captive audience)
5. Getting through fire doors
6. Answering the phone/door bell (patience please)
7. Ordering pizza (damn you apartment)
8. Shopping (just when i thought it couldn't get worse)
9. Going to the loo (yes, it's an honest list)
10. Dancing (you can try but you look like a fool)

My best to anyone with crutch(es), may the force be with you!

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