Monday, October 06, 2008

Fonts, Macs & forgotten PC users



This is a bug/pain I've noticed here and there recently, most recently today on the ICAD site, which is quite a beautiful site when viewed on a Mac, but not so much on PC. Mac-loving designers/developers - spare a thought for us lowly PC users & please make sure you do some testing on a PC.
I sent ICAD a polite email and screenshot explaining I can't really read the website text without bumping up my font size - here's hoping they don't think I'm a total pain in the gizzard (or something a little worse ending in 'hole'). Or maybe I'm as much of a knobhead as the guy who validates other folks HTML? Time will tell.

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Michael said...

If you're using Vista you should enable ClearType. The headline font they're using is Georgia - it's a standard web font invented (or certainly pioneered by Microsoft). It shouldn't look that bad - looks fine on my PC.