Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RTE's "Budget Busters"

Some interesting and on the odd occasion useful advice from RTE 'celebs' on how to save yourself a few bob in these difficult times. Couldn't resist picking holes in some of them:

Ryan Tubridy says burn turf.
Ryan gets his turf in Connemara. Yes, let's all get in our cars & fill up on petrol, then drive out the country find someone who sells turf, then drive home. Wait, I don't have a car or an open fire. Damn.

Caroline Morohan says water down your expensive make-up remover.
How much does Caroline spend on bloody make-up remover? Boots stuff is €2 darling.

Liam McCormack says boil your kettle a few times instead of turning on the heat.
Firstly, what size of a kettle does Liam have and secondly, boiling kettles of water is not energy efficient.

The original material and other pointers (useful and non-useful) are here: http://www.rte.ie/arts/2008/1010/budgetbusters.html

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