Friday, November 07, 2008

Phone Poll

Some background to my poll (see right) in which I seek advice on purchasing a new phone on my very first bill-pay plan type thingy.

I've always had a pre-pay phone, which has been fine for the most part but recently it's become an increasing pain in the rear. I was with O2 for almost 7 years and then in January 08 I changed to 3's '3Pay' as I like using my phone for general internets, Gmail, Skype, Twitter etc. Currently pushing a Sony K530i beyond its limits.

Ideal plan: Vodafone's Perfect Fit 200 but Vodafone doesn't have any sexy phones. Ideal phone: 3G iPhone (with a better keyboard & camera, 32GB - I don't want much do I). I'll want to put apps & music on the phone but I'm a big mobile emailer/texter so easy typing is important.

I honestly have no idea what to do so any guidance is most welcome.


Mike Voss said...

Seeing that you are on 3, have you considered this baby:

It has a very nice camera on top of everything else. Also, three might have better mobile broadband coverage in remote west when it comes to using the shiny new toy on the road for much more than just texting / emailing :)

Steph said...

Interesting, I'll look into that thanks. You wouldn't have any feelings/experience of the Sony C905 on Three/O2 - ???????

Steph said...

Silly me, O2 don't have the C905!