Friday, January 02, 2009

And we're back

Nothing like a 3 hour bus journey in the darknes to finally get you thinking about new year's resolutions. Nothing like setting reminders on my iPhone via Remember The Milk to cement them a bit more. Here's the list this far:

• Lose 10LB - yes the inevitable cry of many this week
• Get my iPhone unlocked & finally get off 3Pay
• Pass my driving test first time around & buy a car
• Give my creative brain cells a kick up the arse
• Learn ActionScript 3
• Complain less about trivial things
• Meet more people
• See more countriess
• Finally get blogs for myself and each of my sisters up, running & looking tasty
• Pay less rent
• Give blood

Last year wasn't a bad year at all for keeping resolutions but because I didn't make a list most got forgotten. Fingers crossed for this year & best of luck to you with yours.

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