Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting to the Blog Awards


It's the easiest way to get to the Blog Awards is to fly seeing as Cork's beautiful airport is right on the doorstep of the venue for the event. Connections to Dublin & Belfast, Dublin served by Ryanair & Aer Arann, Belfast solely by Aer Arann. Tip if you're flying from Dublin - book with Aer Arann & for €60 you can check in 15kg luggage, 8kg hand luggage. Sale ends Sunday 19th. Ryanair is minimum €70 with only 10kg hand luggage. Don't be fooled by the initial cheapness of Mr.O'Leary's fares!

Arguably the most expensive option. Example: adult fare Dublin to Cork return is €71. Trains are frequent from Heuston. Tip - check online for possible deals in advance or ask for a Weekender ticket, usually cheaper by 10 - 20%, who knows why! List of all fares here, don't be disappointed if you 'pre-book' & you don't get your seat either. 

Aguably the cheapest option. Bus Eireann & Aircoach operate to Cork City (Aircoach from Dublin only, €22, pretty comfy). Sadly Citylink have ceased operations from Galway. 

As long as you think you'll have your wits sufficiently about you for driving home the next day, go for it. 

Cork city centre to Cork International Airport Hotel
Buses operate from the city to the airport pretty frequently and drop off near the hotels at the airport en-route. Skylink (have an online sale on btw) and Bus Eireann do the routes pretty frequently. 

See you there!


Darragh said...

Nice one Steph, thanks :)

Nick McGivney said...

Yup. Thanks for the legwork.