Friday, February 27, 2009

Down With That Sort Of Thing is up and away

Last Wednesday, after another day of protests in Dublin, I decided to start a new blog - Down With That Sort Of Thing. We're living in uncertain, uneasy and unusual times, particularly in Ireland where we're all coming down to earth after the heady days of the "boom-time noughties (or naughties as I like to call them). I'm in a fairly unique position given I work on the corner of Nassau St and Dawson St and over the past few months have had many days interupted by various groups of angry protesteres making their way to government buildings. 

It's not going to be political, it's not going to be from any particular point of view other than my office window. Hopefully it will serve these purposes: 1. to document the protests/strikes happening in Ireland, 2. to provide useful information in advance of protests/strikes (e.g. if there's a bus strike, what services are affected etc), 3. to help me satisfy some of this blogging bug I've picked up at the Irish Blog Awards last weekend.

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