Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jif Lemon Day

So it's Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, or indeed Jif Lemon Day. Arguably one of the oddest food products I've ever come accross, this little lemony wonder first came to life in 1957 when rights to the design of the little plastic lemon design were bought & the legend was born. 

Only available in Ireland and the UK, many times I've had people from beyond these boundaries finding them completely bizarre and alien. And so they should! How difficult is it to get a blooming lemon these days? I'm surprised that's its still in production in this day and age. I've got some Spanish folk visiting this week so I'm going to get one,de-label it & leave it lying around just for the reacion! If you want to watch the bizarre video of a Jif lemon production line from the Unilever website, click away below. If your colours look borked then you need to turn off hardware acceleration on your graphics card by right clicking your Desktop, go to Properties > Advanced. Happy pancaking everyone!

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