Thursday, March 26, 2009

GoBus - the best way to travel Dublin to Galway

GoBus is a new direct bus service between Dublin and Galway that launched last week. I was travelling west last weekend so thought I'd give them a go. In short, it was ace & in my opinion, the best way to travel between Dublin and Galway. Why?

1. Free wifi - yes, free internet that's pretty reliable for a moving vehicle going through a country deprived of decent connectivity.

2. Comfort - seats are the best I've put my delicate rear on ever. I normally hate coaches & their seats but these were fine. Got a fold-down table with cupholder airplane style, wee bins beneath each aisle seat, proper air con that works & radio jacks over each passenger with individual volume control.

3. Convenience - there's about 14 direct services that take the lovely M6, shaving about 45mins off the journey. They even do services through the night in each direction (including Dublin airport drops & pickups).

4. Service - I emailed to find out about wifi charges in advance (as there was no info on the website) and had a reply within an hour. Drivers in both directions were superb - handling baggage in/out of boot, offering to call head office if the wifi didn't kick in.

5. Value - it was only €20 return. That's less than half the price of the train which does the journey in the same time.

I've emailed GoBus again to congratulate them on a great service. Best of luck to them with the services - won't be catching me on a train ever again! Website is

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