Sunday, April 12, 2009

Closing time

went for the usual few pints of beer last night in the local, chatting away with the folks and getting nicely merry into the wee hours.

Something in the fresh sea air, the invigorating landscape or just within the beer (who knows) inspired me to write a blog post on, a domain I've been hoping to call online home to a 'proper' blog and a bunch of other things but I haven't got around to sorting it and keep fobbing it off. 

I wrote from the heart/gut/head/wherever and at 4am, after failing to get some audio clips on the page I gave in and hit Publish and fell asleep. I woke with the inevitable "oh f*ck" recounting my online trip the night before that involved a lot of writing, possibly too much of it in hindsight. My initial reaction was "must delete that asap" but I've done that so many times before, be it blog posts, comments, texts, emails. I decided not to delete it and just clean up the awful grammer and typos and get the audio up. It's a new blog and a new approach to blogging for me and why not start with breaking the unwritten rule of "never ever drink & blog" :)  That said, I'll do my best not to become dependent on pints of Smithwicks for inspiration to write!

I don't know where it's going but I can't wait to find out! 


flynnduism said...

The end of cloudsteph? Awww

Well good luck with the new site!

Steph said...

Well the website anyway :)