Monday, February 23, 2009

Goodbye Aya

I was never much of a fan of their food but sushi places are few and far between in Ireland and Im a sushi addict so I gave in from time to time. My last visit was about 2 months ago, I desperately wanted sushi & had precious time to get it so I popped into Aya. For a Thursday night half the conveyor belt was shut off & the handful of cutomers squished to one side. The sushi was the worst ever, most of it was deep fried somethingorother and the sashimi was like skinny smoked salmon. Don't get me started on the state of the wasabi & ginger pots, dirty would be a mild description.

If the recession is good for one thing alone, hopefully it will weed out some of the cowboys that have been skipping through the last decade making a nice living out of mediocre services. Goodbye Aya, the best of luck to all who sailed in her but you shall not be missed by this food-lover.

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