Monday, March 09, 2009

Dublin Bus website issues

This is what I found when I stuck "dublin bus lost property" into Google. What's the big deal you say?

1. The old website pops up - where's the shiny new one?

2. Throwing the same search material into the site search on the new website? Google search results in an iframe with the old website with the same information, not to mind the blank white box thing above it (see below)

3. The address of the Lost Property Office reads as "CIÉ Canteen, Earl Place (behind Clerys), Dublin 1. " 

So it looks like I'm making a trip to the CIE canteen tomorrow morning looking for a cardboard box or something full of junk for my wooly hat. I'll go out of intrigue but may not wear the hat ever again. As for the website? In my experience it's been up and down for the past week like a yoyo and now this shoddy mess? Bet it didn't come cheap & great to know my inflated bus fare is paying for a lack-lustre job. 

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