Sunday, March 08, 2009

Enda on the beat

Yesterday, while nursing a sizeable FOWA afterparty hangover I bumped into the dashing Enda Kenny and his troops who were on the prowl canvasing for support in the upcoming local elections. I asked him when he was going to sort out the somewhat lack-lustre Fine Gael website to which he replied "there will be a new one up and running within 2 weeks". Needless to say the Obama website got name-dropped almost instantly to which I said was not a simple case of "copy > paste" or whatever it is FF seem to be doing. He also promised that the launch would be advertised as a launch and they would not be taking an approach similar to that of FF (i.e., not telling people who signed up to attend that it would be so). 

The very happy chap in the middle of the fabulous photo above is Paschal Donohue, my local FG Senator. He was delighted to tell me he just launched his own website and is also on Twitter

All in all, a very amicable group that were out on the beat. I got all the info I needed for changing my address so I receive my ballot (a trip to the Garda station, wahey!). They're even going to personally look after Dec's change of address seeing as he was sitting on the fence over who he would vote for. Looking forward to seeing what they launch, but hopefully it won't be like anything the people at Exsite have produced for some of FGs' most high profile members.


Tommy said...

Wow. Struck me how old Kenny looked there. Turns out he's actually 57! Lots of wrinkles, but I guess politics does that to ya

Maman Poulet said...

Lucky Steph - Pascal is tweeting a lot alright!

Look forward to launch! I'd heard it was on it's way alright - and the O thing - we need to keep working on beating that out of all of them when it comes to website design and online engagement.

Steph said...

@Tommy: He sure is older than I expected! Very charming & very warm hands though :)

@Maman Poulet: Indeed, I think they were a little taken aback when I immediately brought up the website subject and then shunned the idea of copying Obamas' one. If the launch happens in Dublin I'll be sure to skip along to it.

Naomi said...

He clearly hasn't had any work done. But he should.